Whether it is lunchtime or before bedtime, YouTube makes its way into our daily rituals. I find nothing more relaxing than curling up in my pajamas and watching the latest videos of my favorite beauty gurus. If you are interested in Korean trends and makeup, below are 5 Korean beauty YouTubers both famous and upcoming that you should hit the subscribe buttons for:




1. Bambigirl

#매옷녀 #videoteaser #두번째 . Tonight On Youtube !!

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Bambigirl’s style is modern and feminine, you can count on her channel to showcase the latest fashion or makeup trend in South Korea. Her videos are to the point and light-hearted, and it is easy to see how she has amassed a large following both in SK and abroad.






2. Risabae

유튜브에 봄 데일리룩 올라왔어용🌸 보러와주세오😮!! #이사배 #risabae

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Risabae is the one stop shop for both artistic cover makeup and tips for every day looks. While her makeup skills are impeccable, her sense of humor will make you anticipate the drop of her next video.







3. OOD


Whether you are doing a look for university or a night out, Ood has got you covered. Her down-to-earth style is relatable and effortless, making her videos worth rewatching over and over.




Leeanfilm treats YouTube just as how her namesake would, like pieces of art that could practically be showcased at a film festival. A relative newcomer to the beauty guru scene, Leeanfilm’s tutorials are neat and simple, perfect for makeup newbies.



Teaser❤ 티저영상❤

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Roseha’s style is sweet, soft, and flattering. If you are searching for a look to wear on a date, then search no further that Roseha’s YouTube channel.




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