1. Snow Piercer 설국 열차



South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s first English-language production, an adaptation of a French comic book series starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, centers on a revolution in a class-segregated train carrying the last human survivors on Earth after the world is iced over.

All the world’s a train, and all the men and women are merely passengers — a twist on one of William Shakespeare’s most oft-recited lines could serve well as a summation of director Bong Joon-ho’s latest film. An adaptation of the cult French comic book series Le Transperceneige, Snowpiercer is an epic yet nuanced, contemplative yet entertaining vehicle that uses its titular locomotive as an allegory for human existence as we see it in the here and now.


Genres                   Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Action
Director                  Bong Joon Ho
Starring                  Chris Evans, Kang-ho Song
Supporting actors Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, Ah-sung Ko, Alison Pill, Luke Pasqualino, Vlad Ivanov, Adnan Haskovic, Emma Levie, Steve Park, Clark Middleton, Marcanthonee Reis, Paul Lazar, Tómas Lemarquis, Kenny Doughty
Studio The Weinstein Company
MPAA                     R






2. Worst Woman 최악의 하루



Eun-hee is an actress who also plays in her real life. One day, she meets 3 different men and changes her own character each time she dates them, just like taking a role in the play. One of her is clever and polite, another is boyish and honest, and the last seems elegant and mature. Though each of her performance full of lies seems going smoothly, everything is about to be messed up at the end.


Genres                   Romance
Director                  Kim Jong Gwan
Starring                  Han Yeri, Iwase Ryo, Kwon Yool, Lee Hee Joon
MPAA                     PG






3. Han Gong-Ju 한공주



Han Gong-ju is a 2013 South Korean film written and directed by Lee Su-jin, starring Chun Woo-hee in the title role. It was inspired by the infamous Miryang gang rape case of 2004. The film is a coming-of-age story about a high school student, the titular Han Gong-ju, who loses her friend after both become victims of a terrible gang rape incident and is pressured to leave her home and move to another school by the perpetrators’ parents. To escape scandal, she finds herself living in the home of her former teacher’s mother in a different city. After transferring to a new school, the withdrawn and traumatized Gong-ju keeps to herself and tries to move on from what happened. But she is befriended by Eun-hee, who convinces her to join an a cappella club. When news gets out of Gong-ju’s new hobby, a group of parents of her former classmates causes a stir. Living with a stranger and cold to her new classmates, it takes a long time for Gong-ju’s troubled past to catch up with her, but when it does the revelation is devastating.


Genres                   Drama
Director                  Lee Su jin
Starring                  Chun Woo Hee
MPAA                     R






4. a Muse 은교



Lee Jeok-yo (Park Hae-il) is a highly respected national poet in his 70s. His thirtysomething assistant Seo Ji-woo (Kim Mu-yeol) has recently published his first book, described as a genre novel with psychological insight, and it has shot to the top of the bestseller lists. Only later will it be clear how great his debt is to the poet laureate. On finding a young high school girl, Eun-gyo (Kim Go-eun), asleep on a chair on his porch, Jeok-yo is instantly enamored and rather than chastising her for breaking into his property, he subsequently agrees to give her a part-time job cleaning his home. As Jeok-yo spends more time in Eun-gyo’s company, long-lost feelings are awakened within him, and her exuberance, lust for life, sense of fun and genuine warmth towards him quickly strip the years away in his mind.


Genres                   Romance
Director                 Jung Ji woo
Starring                  Park Hae-il, Kim Mu-yeol, Kim Go-Eun, Jung Man-sik
MPAA                     R




5. A Tale of two Sisters 장화, 홍련



A Tale of Two Sisters is a 2003 South Korean psychological horror-thriller drama film written and directed by Kim Jee-woon. The film is inspired by a Joseon Dynasty era folktale entitled Janghwa Hongryeon jeon, which has been adapted to film several times. The plot focuses on a recently released patient from a mental institution who returns home with her sister, only to face disturbing events between her stepmother and the ghosts haunting their house- all of which are connected to a dark past in the family’s history.


Genres                   Horror, Thriller
Director                 Kim Jee Woon
Starring                 Im Soo-jung, Moon Geun-young, Yum Jung-ah, Kim Kap-soo
MPAA                     R




6. Sunny 써니


Na-mi is a typical middle-class housewife with a teenage daughter and brusque husband. While visiting her mother in hospital, she is reunited with her high school friend, Chun-hwa. The two happily reminisce about the good old days. Na-mi was a transfer student and Chun-hwa welcomed the new girl into her clique. The clique was called Sunny, comprising of 7 girls who always hung out together. Chun-hwa who is now terminally ill, asks Na-mi to get the old members of Sunny together for the last time before she dies. And, hence begins an ordinary housewife’s journey and a great deal of trouble to track down her high school classmates.


Genres                  Comedy, Drama
Director                 Kang Hyeong-cheol
Starring                 Shim Eun-kyung, Kang So-ra, Yoo Ho-jeong, Jin Hee-kyung
MPAA                     PG



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