Street fashion, which is very popular amongst those in their twenties, is now following up hip hop fashion in Korea. Even the Korean entertainment TV show ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ featured 4 street teams that made it to the final 7 teams, and the top three winners were all street dancers. On weekends, you can often see street dancers performing in Hongdae, Sinchon, or in many other places. So, this post will introduce to you to the world of famous Korean Street dancers and crews (some of them even won the world dance contest!).




1. Hip Hop – Lock N Roll Crew



Lock n Roll crew won the championship in Hip Hop International which is so called as Hip Hop Olympic. In 2015, about 3000 people around the world from 50 countries participated in this contest and Lock n Roll crew from Korea won the golden medal in the part of Mega Crew. Further more in following year, they gained the silver medal in the same contest in the part of Depending Championship. It isn’t hard to call Lock n Roll crew as the international Hip Hop crew.






2. Poppin – Blue Whale Brothers



The Blue Whale Bros, A.K.A. BWB A.K.A. Blue Whale Brothers, is a popping dance group formed by Poppin J and Crazy Kyo.  The two formed the team after participating in a dance battle in 2005 and in 2012, continued to win the second season of the tvN aired “Korea’s Got Talent.”






3. B-boy – Expression Crew



From being featured in the b-boy musical “Marionette” to becoming the first Asian team to win Germany’s BATTLE OF THE YEAR competition, the EXPRESSION CREW is a global authority when it comes to b-boy performances.  In 2006 and 2007, they were the number one, most searched UCC video and set a new share rate record of 87% amongst paid users.






4. Waacking – Lip J



LIP J is a waacking dancer that is not only recognized in Korea but also internationally. Since starting to dance 10 years ago, she’s worked with many of the top dancers in the South Korean industry, travelled all over Asia and Russia to compete and recently, judge as well as learn from some of the best dancers in the world. LIP J has recently been a member of the judge panel for THE QUEEN OF DISCO vol.3 in China and was invited as a battle guest of Freestyle Side.






5. Krump – Monster Woo



MONSTER WOO FAM is famous not only being Korea’s first and best krump crew but also for introducing and making krumping known as a Korean street dancing genre. After his parents divorced when he was a teen, the leader of the crew, Monster Wu, moved to Los Angeles, where he got involved in gang activity and was later sentenced to 49 years in prison for committing a criminal offense. However, his sentence was reduced to five years during the defense process, and after serving his prison sentence, was forced to move back to Korea (he was deported from the United States). He worked as a club employee, and became a self-taught member of krumping after LiL c, an early krumper, came to perform. He won various street dance competitions by krumping, a genre unknown at the time, and won the World Championship in 2010 in all genres. He has since formed his own crew MONSTER WOO FAM, and in 2013, the crew has been involved in various activities such as participating in the r16 world championship as a guest show.






6. Locking – Khan & mOON



Runner-ups in the second season of the 2012 tvN aired Korea’s Got Talent, KHAN & MOON are the winners of several world-renowned competitions. They won a number of world championships in 2006, winning the French Hip Hop Dance Award in the locking category, and winning the Portuguese Euro Battle locking category. They have trained famous idol singers including SNSD’s Hyosung, Miss A’s Min and EXO. Currently, they are working as battle judges for artists around the world affiliated with ‘FANTAGIO’ and ‘bwb ent’ and hold workshops for dancers.






7. House – Taek



Leading the GORILLA CREW, TAEK is a famous house dancer. Training SHINHWA’s Eric, Lee Min Woo, and others, TAEK has also done choreography for famous Korean groups such as Super Junior, SHINHWA, Dynamic Duo and Cho PD. From 2005 and up until now, he has performed and directed various dance musicals and has won many awards in the house category.




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